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CP: The Golden Nectar of the Gods*

(* Stay alive. Please drink cat piss responsibly!)

This FAQ covers CP (Cat Piss), a highly psychoactive drug originally discovered by the ancient Egyptians and is also the subject of a present day underground drug culture.

What is CP? CP is Cap Piss, it is a highly psychoactive drug and should only be used by the strong minded, strong willed upstanding members of society. This doesn't stop millions of everyday users in the CP underground culture.

You mean I can get high off of a cat's urine? Yes, as it has been done for centuries.

Is there such a thing as CS? Yes, Cat Shit does exist, but you cannot get high from it.

Do all cats produce a psychoactive urine? Yes, there is a special gland connected to the bladder in all cats which produces a psychoactive substance that is secreted in the urine. Little is known about this gland "Cytrificulius" Different breeds of cat (different strains) produce different types of highs. While a bobcat would produce an intense body buzz, a Siamese would give you an acid like trip lasting for several hours and leaving you physically drained.

I'm taking other drugs, can I use CP? CP has been safely used with many drugs, however be advised that the use of MAOI's coupled with CP can greatly enhance the strength of the CP.

What is the CP trip like? Many report beautiful colors and extraordinary feelings from their CP trip. Expect hallucinations on moderate dosages, but that is not to say one cannot experience visual distortion on smaller dosages.

How much CP should I take? The recommended dosage for the beginner is 10 tablespoons of straight CP.

Is CP dangerous? Yes, like any other drug, the responsible CP user should take caution; they should not operate heavy machinery (this includes driving a car) go swimming, or go naked in public.

How does one obtain CP? One may obtain CP from a cat, usually in liquid form, not mixed in with cat litter.

How am I supposed to take CP? Take it orally, although extracts may be free based, injected (not recommended) or plugged (anal inserted)

Is CP legal? CP is not currently scheduled, a cat and it's urine are free to own.

Is there any medicinal value to CP? Not really.

What are the risks of CP usage? You could totally flip out and, like, not even care.

Is CP addictive? Yes, for those with addictive personalities.

Does CP give you a hangover? Depends on the strain, you can feel physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually and spiritually strained after coming down from the CP experience.

Is CP toxic? It can be though improper handling, but in it's natural, uncut, form, CP is a non-toxic drug.

What are some things to avoid while on CP? Clowns, burritos and sea monkeys.

What are some extraction's of CP?

Directions to make CP.250: Obtain one gallon of pure CP. Pour into pot and mix with one pint of pure grain alcohol (195 proof) Mix well. Freeze the mixture. The water will freeze and rise. Take ice layer off after 24 hours. The resulting mixture will be the pure grain alcohol with the essential CP alkaloids (determine the trip) Place this mixture on an electric stove (keep away from flames) and turn the knob to medium. When most of the alcohol has evaporated, place the resulting fluid in a flask (a glass will do) Let this evaporate normally, when all alcohol has evaporated, scrape the resulting powder (crust form) into gel-caps or a ziplock bag and store in a dark cool and dry place. This CP.250 extract will not degrade for years under said conditions. (CP.250 has been tested under laboratory condition, and has been found to range between 248-256 times the strength, but the cumulative average is always 250)

Direction to make CP.320/.370/.580: (now being written)

CP experience and personal reports: This is for you to submit to. After the final draft is completed, I will be submitting this to the meow vaults. Also, if you have found and mistakes that need to be corrected, or if you have any comments, please feel free to submit them.

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