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Positive Experiences
Difficult Experiences
Train Wrecks & Disasters
Fist Time Experiences
Mystical Experiences
Addiction & Habituation
Collection Experiences

Positive Experiences [0]
Note: I don't plan on having any Postive Experiences here. I think that would be part of the joke, and it may also keep some kid from actually trying this stuff.

Difficult Experiences [1]
I couldn't stop sweating! Urbanater Persian CP

Train Wrecks & Disasters [1]
DO NOT repeat my mistakes! Boobs_McFeely 5-MeO-W Intraocular Inj.

First Time Experiences [0]

Mystical Experiences [1]
The "Golden" Night WildCardsRevenge CP Extract (5X)

Addiction & Habituation [0]

Collection Experiences [1]
The Push/Pull Method Urbanater CP Collection

Extraction/Preparation [1]
5-MeO-W Extraction Notes Boobs_McFeely 5-MeO-W

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